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We import, we roast and we sell Colombian coffee, ensuring that producers get the share they deserve. From the farm, directly to your cup.


Don Joaco – Colombian Coffee

 12,00 20,00

Don Joaco, Limited Artist Edition – Colombian Coffee

coffeebike wien

Rent our coffee bike in Vienna!

Wow your guests at all types of events – concerts, weddings, fairs, festivals etc. – with our farm-to-cup-coffee experience. We’re not just another franchise, we serve our own imported and roasted coffee on our unique coffee bike. Whether you prefer it strong, mild, black or with milk, pamper your taste buds and try our delicious Colombian coffee here in Vienna. With every cup, you’ll experience the unique notes of chocolate, caramel and citrus that make Colombian coffee one of the most sought-after in the world. We look forward to working with you – so get in touch!

What we do

There are two facets of what we do: one, we have a coffee bike that is for rent in Vienna (check that out above), and two, we import green beans from selected coffee farms in Colombia and roast them here in Vienna. We buy directly from small coffee producers with the aim of selling directly to consumers here, thereby eliminating the middle man and resulting in increased profit for farmers.

Colombian coffee in europe
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