About us
We import coffee from selected farms in Colombia with the vision of allowing small producers to showcase their product to a wider audience.
Direct Coffee Vienna Austria

Who we are

Direct Coffee is a Colombian-Austrian company that was founded in 2022 in Vienna, Austria. Two Colombian entrepreneurs Sergio Velásquez and Diego Campuzano decided to start this project, motivated by their love for coffee and their country, with the firm purpose of helping small coffee growing families and giving them the opportunity to show their high quality product outside of Colombia.

That’s our little team; the coffee bike, Sergio on the left, and Diego on the right.


To show the world a different face of our country through coffee, working hand in hand with the coffee growers always giving priority to fair-trade, and guaranteeing the freshness and quality of the product to our final clients.


To position our brand in the first positions of import and sale of Colombian coffee (fair-trade/single origin) in Austria and to increase our portfolio of products in such a way that we can guarantee the support to the greatest number of small coffee growers in the country.

Our guiding principles
Direct Trade

We can guarantee honest traceability from the planting of the coffee bean to the cup.

High quality standards

Our coffee beans are selected by hand from picking to roasting. This guarantees very clean cups that bring out the special notes of each coffee.

Rural Sustainability

By buying directly from small farms and selling directly to customers, we ensure that a producing family receives a fair and just price for their product.

Social responsibility

Direct Coffee is a company that was founded under the principle of being socially responsible and both our mission and our vision have always been and will continue to be focused in this sense.

For this reason is that as a company the most important thing will always be to support our farmers and small producers and give them the opportunity to expose their product outside the country, with their own name and brand giving them the recognition they deserve; pay the right price to each party involved in the production chain; and always leave the name of our country high through our products and services.

Coffee farm, after coffee farm, after coffee farm in Quindió, the coffee region of Colombia.

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